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Transcarpathia - a mixture of clean mountain air, mineral and thermal waters, historic and cultural heritage and delicious food. Here you will find the answer to the question: where to stay in our region?

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At any time of year Carpathians have something to offer those who are not used to spend holidays on the couch. Rafting, paroplaneryzm, motocross, climbing, climbing, diving, wakeboarding, paintball and rest exciting recreation when and where to go to get the adrenaline?

Maps, tips, timing, equipment list and the rest of the necessary information for those planning to spend a day or two or even a week out of civilization. Routes Carpathians varied. Everyone is able to find something for himself, according to the free time, physical activity and actual weather conditions.

Туристичні маршрути в Карпатах
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In Transcarpathia have a good, tasty, hearty and helpful to eat, eat and eat again after dinner ... to wait for dinner, and the evening thinking about breakfast. Transcarpathian cuisine is known all over the world. A hastrotury in Transcarpathia have long been a tradition for many people.

Here you will find thousands of the options, where to eat in our region? A wide selection of restaurants, restaurant, pubs, pizzerias, cafes and fast food outlets to satisfy all tastes and preferences

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Харчування та виноробство в Закарпатті
Сироваріння в Закарпатті

A unique gift of nature - mineral water of Transcarpathia. Spa resort, resorts different profiles and recreation, find out where you can improve the health and well-being in our region - under medical supervision or independently. Children's health, treatment for adults, family rest with benefit for the soul and body, spa treatments and bathing in thermal pools.

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Mineral waters of the Carpathians
Spa in Transcarpathia

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