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1 day

person_pin – meeting the group on the Square Narodna в місті Ужгород
account_balance – excursion by
on the territory of the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life
account_balance – excursion by
in town Uzhgorod
Here are kept: The Icon of the Nativity of Christ from Jerusalem, Kazan image of the Mother of God, Icon of the priest. Seraphim of Sarovsky with the motions
account_balance – excursion by
in village Domboky
Here are kept: particles of relics of saints Gregory the Theologian, his brother Caesar, St. Nifont, Patriarch of Constantinople, saints Euminis, Ignatius of Athos, Akakia, Athanasius the Great, Kirik, martyr Mamant and many others. There is also a particle from the life-giving Cross of the Lord
terrain – lunch meal
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Here are kept: Icon of the Mother of God "Sign"; List of Iberian Icon of the Mother of God; The icon "Jesus Christ is the Sun of Truth"; Icon of St. Umch Panteleimon XIX century With relics
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Here are kept: Icons of the Mother of God "Scorophile" and Iver (brought from Mount Athos); Cancer with a share of rehab prp. Moses Uhryn (delivered in 1996 from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra); Part of relics prp. Alexiy Karpatorunsky, prp. Job Uholsky and prp. Gabriel of the Elder Seventh-one; Icons with lots of relics svt. Mykola Mirliky, prp. Seraphim of Sarovsky, prp. Sergei Radonezhsky and many other parts of the relics of the saints of God
account_balance – excursion by

notifications_active – participate in Evening Divine Liturgy
restaurant_menu – evening meal/overnight at the monastery
2 day

notifications_active – participation in the early worship at the Holy Trinity-Cyril-Methodius Women's Monastery
free_breakfast – an early meal
local_taxi – return to town Uzhgorod
warningThe tour is for groups of 10 to 20 people

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