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«Транскарпатія Тур»


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  • 88000, Transcarpathian region,
  • city Uzhgorod
  • Sobranetska, st., 60


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10 000,00 euroLicense for tour operator activities issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
decision№ 1541 from 15.09.2016 year

The size of financial security of civil liability of a tour operator is equivalent to 10.000,00 EUR
(Bank guarantee)

The order of the tour operator providing travel insurance compulsory, size, order and terms of payment of insurance compensation

Every tourist acquiring the services of tourist services from our travel agent - always insured.


The persons listed in the application for booking of the tour, the tour operator agrees to be insured for a period of tourist travel.Tour operator providing tourist insurance in the implementation of the trip based on the agreement with Insurance company "PZU Ukraine" (insurance terms in accordance with Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism", which provides for mandatory(Medical and accident) under the rules of the insurance companies.

In case the insured event, tourists must apply directly to the insurance company phone numbers listed in the insurance policy, contract, and act in the manner prescribed by the terms of the insurance policy. If the contract with the insurance company concluded independently tourist, tourist tour operator undertakes to provide duly certified copy of the insurance contract.

Legal regulation:



Contact body that ensures the implementation of state policy in tourism:
Department of Tourism and Resorts Transcarpathian Regional State Administration
88008, city Uzhgorod, square Narodna, 4
tell/fax: (0312)61-44-11

Contacts authority that protects the rights of consumers:
Inspectorate for Consumer Protection in the Transcarpathian region
88000 city Uzhgorod, square Sandor Petofi, 14
tell/fax: (0312) 61-63-74


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