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It offers:
  • hotelstaying in comfortable cottages among the Carpathian Mountains
  • streetviewexcursions to the most picturesque corners of Transcarpathia
  • directions_walkwalks through the mountain paths
  • restaurantdelicious Transcarpathian dishes
  • local_drinktasting mineral water directly from the source
1 day

person_pin – meeting a group at Volovets
local_taxi – переїзд до бази відпочинку, поселення
streetview – excursion to village Pylypets
directions_walk – walk to one of the highest in the Transcarpathian waterfall -

room_service – lunch in the colibian
terrain – climbing on Borzhavska valley on the longest ski ski chair in Transcarpathia
directions_walk – walks around the valley
restaurant_menu – supper at the base of the rest
2 day

free_breakfast – breakfast at the base of the rest
streetview – excursion to the Khust district
local_taxi – transfer to

streetview – tour by

local_taxi – transfer to
в селі Іза
room_service – dinner at the restaurant

streetview – visit to African black ostriches
local_taxi – transfer to Khust
account_balance – excursion to

directions_walk – walking tour of Khust, free time
local_taxi – transfer to the recreation center
restaurant_menu – supper
3 day

free_breakfast – breakfast at the base of the rest
local_taxi – excursion to the National Nature Park Synevir
streetview – excursion to the largest open-air mountain museum in the Kolochava village
room_service – lunch in Kolochava village
streetview – visit

streetview – tour by

local_taxi – transfer to the recreation center
restaurant_menu – supper at the base of the rest
4 day

free_breakfast – breakfast at the base of the rest
local_taxi – excursion to the museum

room_service – dinner
local_taxi – transfer to the train station in Volovets, return home

The most delicious dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine are waiting for you:



Traditional dish of Verkhovyna of milk and corn flour;
served with cheese and bacon or sour cream

Kremzlyky of Transcarpathian


Kremzlyky of Transcarpathian
Or dranyky or kyzlyky; deruny with mushrooms and sour cream,
especially to taste Transcarpathian land



Served with sour cream or mushroom sauce.
It is believed that any holiday may end only with the daisies.

Ryplyanka of Kolochava


Ryplyanka of Kolochava
A unique dish, which is prepared only in Kolochava.
Mashed potatoes mixed with corn flour are baked and served with meat

TT - Vacations in the Carpathians

Turoperator reserves the right to change the tour program without reducing the total volume of services. Bus service in their free time provided.



  • On the issues related to the operation of the bus - temperature in the cabin, the operation of seats, individual air cooling and lighting, you need to contact the team leader and not distract their drivers.
  • Inside the bus is strictly prohibited, walk around the cabin while driving the bus, smoke, crack seed, litter, consume alcoholic beverages, ice cream, any fish, dairy products, eggs, sausages and other foods that have a pronounced odor.
  • Inside the bus is forbidden to store on the top shelves glass bottles and other things that can injure passengers.
  • The bus stop is performed according to the tour program in designated areas. All seats are equipped with toilet stops. Stops at the request or the request of tourists strictly prohibited.
  • Tourists take full responsibility for property damage bus.


  • Accommodation at the hotel after 14:00, check-out until 10:00 (or on terms agreed with the tour operator). After 22:00 should observe silence.
  • To save valuables, money and documents recommend to use the hotel safe.
  • Among the TV channels may apply. Payment of channels carried on the fact of their use.
  • The contents of the mini-bars in the rooms for an extra fee. Upon check the contents of the mini bar should verify with the description. Lack of content mini-bar with eviction equivalent to consumption and payable.
  • Tourists take full financial responsibility for damage to property the hotel.


  • Welcome to the start of the tour to get acquainted with the rules and conditions of insurance reimbursement of medical expenses the insurance company
  • If the tour provided therein sports or entertainment associated with increased risk for health, life, you need to choose an appropriate insurance program.
  • Please note that the insurance company will not reimburse the costs associated with the treatment of injuries, conditions and diseases which the insured person received as a result of actions taken by it while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or toxic substances.

directions_walkTeam Leader (Guide):

  • Accompanies the group throughout the tour route, the program provides full round Information about the time and place of collection and / or leave the group, organized approach to bus and hotel accommodation according to the application for booking of the tour.
  • The team leader is strictly forbidden to change the tour program at the request or the request of tourists as well as tourists due to the loss of documents/valuables.


Turoperator is not responsible for the operation of road services, to cover the roads, weather conditions and the associated delays and inconvenience round.

  • One person

    вартість путівки  UAH
warningThe tour is for groups of 19 people

In the price included price by:

  • check All entrance tickets for swimming pools and excursions
  • person Concierge - service by tour operator
  • verified_user Insurance Policy
  • check Accommodation in comfortable rooms for recreation facilities
  • check Transfer and guide



The price does not include:

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